Beth Mattson Uff Dah New Glarus beer

These are some of my projects:

Ophelia Immune (zombie novel)

Maybe He Doesn’t Hit You (paperback chapbook from Amazon Smile)

People Like To Hold Things (paperback chapbook from Amazon Smile)

Poetry On Twitter

The God of Wind,” short story in lit journal aaduna in exile

Spells,” short story in lit journal Lindenwood Review

Story Time with Beth on YouTube (Etc.)

Moon Deliveries (paperback for coloring on Amazon Smile)

Moon Deliveries (me illustrating and reading to you on YouTube)

Barely Escaping The Patriarchy (essay on The Girl God)

Single Mothers Speak On Patriarchy (anthology on Amazon Smile)

My Own Devices (an old chapbook blog-style)

A Very Serious Sandwich Quiz

Beth Mattson in old shades
Beth Mattson in old shades