PQ Monthly with Bow Ties and Baby Bumps

Am I queering parenthood enough? Why am I so obsessed with not fitting in? Can’t I just calm down? Let’s write about it.

MUTHA Magazine

Michelle Tea has created a fabulous parenting nerd magazine online, called MUTHA, and I am thrilled to be included in their list of authors. Now, if only i had a babysitter and enough brain cells to churn out some more.


Write Around Portland Anthology

Write Around Portland supports rad writers!


Write Around Portland is an incredible organization that I am lucky to be associated with. Every single person should be so fortunate as to volunteer with such a fabulous group of authors and activists! Every season, they publish and incredible anthology of astounding pieces written by at-risk authors. You should definitely get yourself a copy.

Twitter Experiment

Spitting up with Twitter.


Can decent poems be written with only 140 characters? Do I ever write decent poems? Let’s find out with this new Twitter project.



Science is Sexy

Science and humor and Bobak and writing all go together!


Why is science the hottest ever?

Sexy Science

PQ Monthly Interview

My partner and I were recently interviewed by the fabulous Erin Rook at PQ Monthly. Such a cool article about queer visibility!

We’re Here And Yes, We’re Queer!!!


Beth and partner being visible.

Butches With Babies

Can you find me on this tumblr???


Butches And Babies!!!!


Beth looking butch with her baby.

Gold Can Stay

The Young Adult Literature students at my alma mater, California College of the Arts, are “literally awesome” and have conducted some interviews. I am proud to be among them!

Gold Can Stay

Little Guy Alive

My new project, a zombie preparedness guide, now includes advice on landscaping, fences and the importance of really, really sturdy gates!


Nosy Girl Interview!!!

Nosy Girl rules!


I just had to update my CV, because I have achieved a major accomplishment! My personal scent has been discussed on Nosy Girl, one of the best blogs of all time! Thank you Other Scent-Obsessed Elizabeth!  <3